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Fairy Doors of Long Beach

Les Bonnes Fees! October 2, 2008

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The fairies were browsing the web the other day, and were delighted to stumble across this online journal of fairy tales! Many of the stories sound very traditional, but they are all written right now, in the modern day. The illustrations are beautiful, too. It’s a new website, so let’s support them by checking them out each month as they post more and more stuff. Grandma Fairy read ‘The Night the Mermaid Stole the Moon’ aloud to the little ones last night – the story is available in the September issue of the journal. Little Stella Fairy has decided she wants to be a mermaid when she grows up. I wonder if that’s possible…


Golden Fairy Tales August 29, 2008

Having a family of fairies in residence can be very useful for a bookstore. Especially a bookstore that sells children’s books. As we all know, children are almost the only people who remember that fairies are still around – grown-ups have mostly forgotten or ignored them. That’s probably why most fairy tales are considered children’s stories. We’ve got a lot of them in our store, but it’s hard to tell which ones are the best – they’re all so full of curiosity and adventure! So we asked the fairies this morning what their favorite fairy tales were. They thought for a long time and finally gave us a long list – a very long list! I’ll just tell you about one of them right now.

The Golden Book of Fairy Tales is a wonderful compilation of old stories from around the world. Some of them are very familiar (‘Cinderella’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’), but there are some you’ve probably never heard of before (‘Grace and Derek’ is my personal favorite, and ‘Green Snake’). But most of all, you’ll love the illustrations. I think that’s why the fairies chose this one – they love to just flip through and look at the pictures. (The artist’s name is Adrienne Segur. That just sounds artistic, doesn’t it?) Take a look at a few of the pictures here, or come into the store and look at the book itself!


Fairy Tales August 13, 2008

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The fairies were busy today! Just as we at Once Upon a Story were about to close up shop, they dragged in one last customer. She thought she was here to browse, but we soon found out what they (our resident fairies, of course) were up to. Though our customer was enchanted with our store and delighted to meet the Wee People, the theme of the hour was tea parties! Because she hosts them for fairies and friends of fairies! How exciting to discover someone else in the city interested in the ways of our small friends. We’ll keep you posted as we work on plans to join her for our own enchanted tea party. Visit her website at


Fairies at Work! July 29, 2008

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The fairies at Once Upon a Story have been doing some construction on their front entrance. Watching their progress has been delightful! We should have some photos of the final product soon enough – but it would be better to visit for yourself. You just might catch a glimpse of them hard at work! Meanwhile, we’ll keep you updated on their progress. Check back with us for more information as we continue to get to know our resident fairy family!


Fairies arrival July 1, 2008

Once upon a time, a small family of fairies left their home in the fairy forest to seek their fortunes in the great wide world beyond. Days and nights they traveled, over mountains, deserts, and rivers, with nothing in their packs but pixie dust. Wings worn and tired from travel, they finally found themselves in the middle of the great big city. There were people everywhere, cars, and great big buildings, but nowhere small enough for the fairies to make their home. One day, while resting on a sign post, they met a lady coming out of a small bookstore on the street below them. ‘What are you doing up there?’ she asked the fairies sitting above her. ‘We’ve traveled from the fairy forest to make our home in the city,’ they said, ‘but we’ve been here many days and not found a place small enough to make our own.’ The lady stopped for a moment to think. ‘How small would it have to be?’ she asked. The fairies smiled down at her. ‘All we need is a door,’ they said, ‘just our size.’ ‘Only a door?  Just a door in a wall?’ She looked confused, but the fairies just nodded and smiled. ‘Come back tomorrow,’ she said. The next day, they flew back to the bookstore. Everything looked the same as when they had left the day before. They could see the lady in the window, turning on the lights and putting books on the shelves. Only one thing was different. There in the wall below the shop window was a small fairy door, just their size. The fairy family gathered around it, wings fluttering in excitement. They each took a handful of pixie dust from their packs, threw it on the door handle, and blinked three times. The father fairy leaned forward, turned the doorknob, and opened it wide. Inside was a perfect fairy house! The great big city was now small enough for the wee fairy family!